Here’s a sneak peek at Book Three and a look at another of my most popular characters. Mortas. His fascination with the marked maiden brings about the turning point in the relationship between the North American shifters and vampires… The epic conclusion? Coming soon in Tigris Vetus.

In this scene Mortas persuades Selena to help him on a mission that involves a vampire pet party in Budapest. The host? Truly evil. Selena’s role? The distraction… When the distraction is too successful, how will Selena and Mortas get out alive?

Hi, I’m D. L. Lewellyn, an independent author of steamy, old-fashioned, romance adventures with an exciting supernatural / fantasy twist. You will find yourself in real places you might know and love but populated with surprising races and beings you never knew you wanted to meet. How will the humans who encounter them handle this new reality? Better yet, what fascinating relationships might explode off the pages?

Recent reviews:

Wow, I’m almost nailed to my chair as I read. You wrote an incredible tale & you brought the personality of the characters to life in the most intriguing way. I have never read a book written like this. Having a blast in their world. Re. Ursus Borealis – R. Welkin

I was up to 1 am last night to finish Drago Incendium. And I LOVED it! It was unbelievably exciting, sexy, and ingenious! I am fascinated and impressed by how the author develops the different scenarios, relationships, and supernatural aspects that make the story so engrossing. Also, her ability to create a lot of scenes that leave us with questions and wanting us to know more…wanting answers! Not to mention the fascinating new characters that are introduced in this book! I’m in love with Elliot … and beguiled by Mortas … but I won’t say anymore! Kudos to the author! And thank you for a fabulous read! Re. Drago Incendium – A. Forehand

~~ Get your copies ~ and be entranced ~~

September Interviews are up. Come meet this month’s creators. Author E. B. Hunter and Lifestyle/Adventure Photographer Joey MacLennan

October guests will be two more of my favorite Fantasy Authors, Lucky E. Noma, and Anna K. Moss, Anna just launched her editing services and we will chat about what it’s like to branch out in our writing careers.

Feel free to contact me for a chat.

I post blogs about my favorite authors, and all kinds of creative people, and things that inspire me. What inspires you?

The Starlight Chronicles

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“We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.”

Ernest Hemingway

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  1. Congratulations on being a winner! What an honor! I look forward threading Pris Starwillow & the Wolf. Love your new website! Having thoroughly enjoyed reading your first 2 books in The Starlight Chronicles, I am eagerly awaiting the third!!!


    1. Aw… thank you so much! So glad you could visit and enjoyed reading my stories, and I hope you love this one because I’ve got more in the works! Besides book three 😀💚💚💚


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