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In the Works:

Click the titles for an excerpt of the following novels in progress…

  • The Starlight Chronicles, an epic supernatural fantasy. One human with a destiny. Three powerful men who believe she is meant to share theirs. Books One (Ursus Borealis) and Two (Drago Incendium) are complete, and Book Three (Tigris Vetus) is on its way to wrapping up. I will be republishing the complete series in 2023.
  • The Spanish Maiden Who Dreamt of a Bear, a Starlight Chronicles Historical Fiction/Fantasy Novel – 50,000 words completed for NaNoWriMo 2021 – due to publish in 2023.
  • Toxic Friends Can be a Good Thing – a Starlight Chronicles YA Urban Fantasy Novel – 2022 NaNoWriMo project – also due to publish in 2023.
  • N’grell – a Dystopian Sci Fi Fantasy Novel

My Short Stories on Vocal.Media

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More Free Short Stories Right Here

All cover designs by D. L. Lewellyn using Canva. All editing and publishing by D. L. Lewellyn. Where does she find the time to write? Smiley Face…

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