My Stories


Beneath the Prismed Light, A Song of the Siren Story

She has dreamed all her life about the man in the whitewashed tower beneath the prismed light. He suffers the bitter loneliness of being the last of his kind in a dying world and dreams of an impossible love with a mythical creature. What happens when one steps from the sea and offers him not just a dream, but an astonishing solution?

From sirens, mermaids, selkies, and more, these tales of the deep will tug at your heartstrings. Love can warm the iciest waters, but revenge is best served cold. Watery graves await for those who push boundaries or stray too far.

Features stories by J.M. Rhineheart, Emma K. Leadley, K. Parr, Andria Kennedy, Fred Phillips, Barend Nieuwstraten III, Claire Davon, Nicholas Nethery, A.D. Watts, Toni Mobley, D.L. Lewellyn, Rienne French, Seth Taylor, Derek Kho, Anwen Redlake, and D.R. Birdsall.

Dragon Soul Press has released its latest anthology Song of the Siren for Pre Order! I am absolutely thrilled to be included with the authors in this collection of fantastical tales behind this beautiful cover, from an amazing Indie Press. Check out all the thrilling anthologies, dragons, witches, aliens, ghosts, and beastly tales, by visiting author J. E. Feldman’s page on Amazon.

Priss Starwillow & the Wolf, A Starlight Chronicles Short Story

She pelts him with bunchberries the first time they meet. The black wolf would suffer the sticky mess an entire day if it meant listening to her sweet laughter and the soothing sound of her wings, but he has a job to do.

I have republished Priss Starwillow & the Wolf to include a collection of my short stories. This edition is the only place to find the beginning of Priss and Sam’s fantasy adventure story which was a winner in AutoCrit’s 2022 global writing challenge. Priss and Sam’s story also exists in one of ten AutoCrit trophy anthology copies that went to the winners.

Novels In the Works:

  • The Starlight Chronicles, an epic supernatural fantasy romance. One human coming to terms with her own destiny that has nothing to do with the peaceful artist life she was going for – Three powerful men from a fantastical world she is only just discovering who believe she is meant to share theirs. Books One (Ursus Borealis) and Two (Drago Incendium) are complete and Book Three (Tigris Vetus) is on its way to wrapping up. I am repackaging and republishing the series in its entirety – 2023!
  • The Spanish Maiden Who Dreamt of a Bear, a Starlight Chronicles Historical Fiction/Fantasy Novel – NaNoWriMo 50,000 word winner.
  • Toxic Friends Can be a Good Thing – a Starlight Chronicles YA Urban Fantasy Novel.
  • N’grell – a Dystopian Sci Fi Fantasy Novel

My Short Stories

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More Free Short Stories Right Here

All cover designs by D. L. Lewellyn using Canva. All editing and publishing by D. L. Lewellyn. Where does she find the time to write? Smiley Face…

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