Gallery of Guests

Douglas W. T. Smith – See Post

Meet my very first guest, Douglas W. T. Smith. Mr. Smith is a fellow member of the Fantasy Sci Fi Writers Alliance (#FSFWritersAlliance) and a sword and sorcery fantasy writer from NSW, Australia. You can find him here. Click on the photo to check out his book, Shadow of the Wicked, which ranked in Amazon’s Top 5 List in Dark Fantasy and Sword and Sorcery eBooks in 2021! Just recently, Shadow of the Wicked was released as an audiobook. Congratulations, Mr. Smith!

E. B. Hunter – See Post

My second guest was the author who rounded us all up (the Fantasy Sci Fi Writers Alliance that is), E. B. Hunter. Mr. Hunter’s exciting stories are bursting all over recently published anthologies! Click here to find out more about the writer from Canada, his projects, and to read some absolutely riveting horror short stories. Click on the photos to order the Dragon Soul Press anthologies! To learn more About Dragon Soul Press, you can visit my Indie Presses page or click here.

Joey MacLennan – See Post

We learned what it means to be a lifestyle and adventure photographer. Joey is one of my all-time favorite photographers, and that’s not just because he’s family. Take a look at his website and see what I mean. We had a great time chatting about his professional life because it was a fun opportunity to get to know another side of him, though it was hard to pin him down since he’s almost always perched with his camera on some mammoth peak.

Lucky E. Noma – See Post

My friend and fellow author, Lucky E. Noma and I get to chat on a regular basis, and I am so happy to share his inspiring words and amazing talent in his Spotlight Feature. Mr. Noma has crafted amazing stories you can find on Amazon. He also creates fabulous AI artwork and will share a few examples. Click here for The New Defeat and Mr. Noma’s other stories on Amazon and follow him on Instagram to find his free short stories and to say hi from me! You can also follow Mr. Noma on BookBub

Anna K. Moss – See Post

Meet Anna K. Moss, a dark fantasy author from the UK. Anna recently launched her new services as a freelance editor. Anna works with fiction and non-fiction clients, authors, publishers, businesses, and creators to improve their content.  She has a degree in English and additional qualifications in journalism and editing, as well as a wealth of experience developing structure and flow for videogames.

Anna also recently released her new book The Worthy available on Amazon. Click on her photo to learn more about her editing services and follow her blog and YouTube channel for some lively author interviews. You can also follow Anna on Goodreads.