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Check out my Communities Page

I love to share resources with the writing community. So, I’ve created a page. Check it out when you have a chance and let me know what you think. I will be adding to it as I go along.

Artwork by Manuel Piedra

Sharing Inspiring Corners of the Writing Community Among the Crowds of Twitter Media

I often get lost in the noise of social media though I’m constantly finding great reads, thoughtful blogs, new authors and artistic posts I love sharing… then once in a while, I get bowled over…

Don’t always discount those direct messages. Sometimes they turn out to be an adventure. One from Feed My Reads turned into a great opportunity for an interview, a place to share with readers a little about me and hopefully a little encouragement. Check them out and buy them a coffee!

Feed My Reads Blog Spot – Check them out and buy them a coffee!!

Click here to check out my interview

There are those moments of being found by truly amazing people and groups who spend time and effort helping others. I had no idea that my participation on Twitter could draw me into a real community, a fun one too. I’m sharing just a few surprises from this long summer month of August. It has been a new experience for me, this second year of being an indie author. It’s more than writing and selling books, that’s for sure.

If you’ve been wondering if it’s worth all the effort to stay connected on platforms like Twitter, I wanted to share some of the benefits. Even if those book sales don’t tick up, sharing will lead to surprising boosts.

Following are some awesome people who share. Including their book mail with my book on display!

Dave is awesome. If you’re an indie author on Twitter, you’ve probably experienced his tireless generosity. He tagged me in some posts before I even knew about him or much about the Writing Community. He even grabbed my Amazon book link and reviews to share back when I was at 400 followers. Largely due to Dave, I’m now approaching 1850 on Twitter.

Then I wake up on occasion to find a review like this (technically last month, but had to add it too – it’s part of my summer magic.)

Share your summer highlights, best surprises, or Twitter experiences in the comments.