Happy Cozy Winter Writing

For me, winter writing means cozied up with blankets, my dogs, coffee or tea, and my laptop. It’s blustery at my house, with snow all around, and it’s been bitter cold. But that all adds up to the perfect conditions for writing.

How about you? What is your favorite season for writing. If you love writing in every season, what is your favorite thing about each?

4 thoughts on “Happy Cozy Winter Writing

  1. The sad thing about living in Malaysia is that we only have one tropical weather year-long. I wish to experience the full four seasons someday, and I suspect that autumn and winter would be my favourite seasons to write to, mostly because they’re colder and just ‘feels’ quieter.

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    1. Well, your imagination is spot on. I think that is exactly why the cold weather is conducive… the quiet of snow is amazing. First, we get the whipping winds and rain. Hope you get to travel to cooler climes. 😄 And I wouldn’t mind traveling to your part of the world someday, too.


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